Logarithmic and identric mean labelings of graphs

S. Alagu, R. Kala


Graph labeling was first introduced by Rosa in 1966. Labeling of graphs is an assignment of nonnegative integers to vertices, edges or both according to some specified conditions. Mean labeling of graphs was introduced by Somasundaram and Ponraj in 2003. Subsequently, labelings of graphs were done with geometric mean, harmonic mean etc. In this paper we introduce two concepts called ’Logarithmic mean labeling’, ’Identric mean labeling’ and acquire their mean labelings for some standard graphs.

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Published: 2020-09-07

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S. Alagu, R. Kala, Logarithmic and identric mean labelings of graphs, Adv. Inequal. Appl., 2020 (2020), Article ID 8

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