Mathematical model of HCV transmission with treatment and educational effort

S.T. Tresna, N. Anggriani, A.K. Supriatna


One of the serious health issues around the world is Hepatitis C infection. The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is easily transmitted by drug injection with no hygiene syringe. The HCV transmission often occurs around the uneducated injector and potentially to becomes an epidemic. In this paper, a mathematical model for HVC transmission was proposed with considering educated and uneducated injectors. The purpose is to know how belonging important the role of both educated and uneducated injectors is in virus spreading. We also consider the treatment of the infected population and educational programs on the uneducated injector to control the spreading of the virus. By using the dynamical system theory, we get the equilibrium points and examine their stability. Then we use the control optimal theory to control the disease using interventions with respect to the cost of effort. Finally, through numerical simulation, the prediction of the result of control strategy and sensitivity analysis is obtained to know the most important parameter of the model.

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Published: 2022-05-26

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S.T. Tresna, N. Anggriani, A.K. Supriatna, Mathematical model of HCV transmission with treatment and educational effort, Commun. Math. Biol. Neurosci., 2022 (2022), Article ID 46

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