The phase-isometries between the unit sphere of lp(Γ,H)-type spaces

Meimei Song, Jinshang Du


In this paper, Suppose that f: SX → SY is a surjective phase-isometry between the unit spheres of two real lp(Γ,H)-type spaces X and Y. We prove that the mapping f is phase equivalent to an isometry. Otherwise, this isometry is the restriction of a linear isometry between the whole spaces, i.e., this isometry on the unit sphere can be linearly extended into isometry in the whole space.

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Published: 2021-11-26

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Meimei Song, Jinshang Du, The phase-isometries between the unit sphere of lp(Γ,H)-type spaces, Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 11 (2021), Article ID 19

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