Axioms for the Lefschetz number as a lattice valuation

P. Christopher Staecker


We give new axioms for the Lefschetz number based on Hadwiger’s characterization of the Euler characteristic as the unique lattice valuation on polyhedra which takes value 1 on simplices. In the setting of maps on abstract simplicial complexes, we show that the Lefschetz number is unique with respect to a valuation axiom and an axiom specifying the value on a simplex. These axioms lead naturally to the classical computation of the Lefschetz number as a trace in homology. We then extend this approach to continuous maps of polyhedra, assuming an extra homotopy invariance axiom. We also show how this homotopy axiom can be weakened.

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P. Christopher Staecker, Axioms for the Lefschetz number as a lattice valuation, Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 4 (2014), 149-159

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