Fixed point computing based on fireworks algorithms

Huiwen Xiong, Yuqiang Feng, Zongna Deng


Fixed point theory is of importance in calculus equation, operational research, program analysis and mathematical economics. The calculation of fixed point is the core of fixed point theory, and it is a difficult problem. In this paper, the fixed point problem is transformed into an optimization problem, and the fireworks algorithm is used to solve the optimization problem. Experiments show that the algorithm is feasible, but the convergence speed and accuracy of the algorithm decrease when solving complex problems and the algorithm is easy to fall into local optimal solution. For this reason, adjusting the explosion amplitude of fireworks algorithm, it shows that the adjusted algorithm can greatly improve the convergence speed and accuracy, and effectively solve the local convergence problem.

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Published: 2021-04-29

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Huiwen Xiong, Yuqiang Feng, Zongna Deng, Fixed point computing based on fireworks algorithms, Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 11 (2021), Article ID 9

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