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Vol 2021 (2021) Some aspects of fluctuations dynamics of particles in dusty plasma Abstract   PDF
S. S. Safaai, S. L. Yap, S. V. Muniady, M. Ayaz Ahmad
Vol 2023 (2023) Spatial clustering of stunting cases in Indonesia: A Bayesian approach Abstract   PDF
Andi Asmawati Azis, Aswi Aswi
Vol 2017 (2017) Spatial competition mathematical model analysis for the invasion, removal of Kappaphycus Algae in gulf of Mannar with propagation delays Abstract   PDF
D. Pandiaraja, N. Arun Nagendran, D. Murugeswari, Vishnu Narayan Mishra
Vol 2020 (2020) Spatial distribution of tuberculosis disease among men and women in Bandung city, Indonesia Abstract   PDF
I. Gede Nyoman Mindra Jaya, Budi Nurani Ruchjana, Atje Setiawan Abdullah, Toni Toharudin
Vol 2020 (2020) Spatial modeling of confirmed COVID-19 pandemic in East Java province by geographically weighted negative binomial regression Abstract   PDF
Rinda Fitriani, I. Gede Nyoman Mindra Jaya
Vol 2022 (2022) Spatiotemporal convolutional LSTM with attention mechanism for monthly rainfall prediction Abstract   PDF
Renaldy Fredyan, Gede Putra Kusuma
Vol 2022 (2022) Spatiotemporal early warning system for COVID-19 pandemic Abstract   PDF
I.G.N.M. Jaya, Y. Andriyana, B. Tantular, F. Krisiani
Vol 2023 (2023) Spline and kernel mixed estimators in multivariable nonparametric regression for dengue hemorrhagic fever model Abstract   PDF
Sifriyani -, Andrea Tri Rian Dani, Meirinda Fauziyah, Memi Nor Hayati, Sri Wahyuningsih, Surya Prangga
Vol 2022 (2022) Stability analysis and modelling the dynamics of psittacosis in human and poultry populations Abstract   PDF
Winnie Mokeira Onsongo, Enoch Deyaka Mwini, Brian Nyasagare Nyanaro, Shaibu Osman
Vol 2022 (2022) Stability analysis and Neimark-Sacker bifurcation of a nonstandard finite difference scheme for Lotka-Volterra prey-predator model Abstract   PDF
R. Ahmed, A. Ahmad, N. Ali
Vol 2020 (2020) Stability analysis and optimal control of mathematical model for the spread of hepatitis E Abstract   PDF
Maratus Sholikah, Cicik Alfiniyah, Miswanto -
Vol 2022 (2022) Stability analysis of a competitive ecological system in a polluted environment Abstract   PDF
Saja Dawud, Shireen Jawad
Vol 2022 (2022) Stability analysis of a fractional-order two-strain epidemic model with general incidence rates Abstract   PDF
Amina Allali, Saida Amine
Vol 2018 (2018) Stability analysis of a Lotka-Volterra type predator-prey system with Allee effect on the predator species Abstract   PDF
Xinyu Guan, Yu Liu, Xiangdong Xie
Vol 2023 (2023) Stability analysis of a nonlinear mathematical model for COVID-19 transmission dynamics Abstract   PDF
Padma Bhushan Borah, Bhagya Jyoti Nath, Kumud Chandra Nath, Hemanta Kumar Sarmah
Vol 2018 (2018) Stability analysis of a stochastic SIS model with double epidemic hypothesis and specific nonlinear incidence rate Abstract   PDF
Amine EL Koufi, Mouhcine Naim, Abdelkrim Bennar, Noura Yousfi
Vol 2022 (2022) Stability analysis of an SEIS epidemic model with nonlinear incidence functional and immigration Abstract   PDF
Sara Soulaimani, Abdelilah Kaddar
Vol 2020 (2020) Stability analysis of mathematical model new corona virus (COVID-19) disease spread in population Abstract   PDF
Abderrahim Labzai, Abdelfatah Kouidere, Omar Balatif, Mostafa Rachik
Vol 2020 (2020) Stability analysis of switched systems for cancer treatment by anti-angiogenesis via minimum dwell time (MDT) Abstract   PDF
Taghreed G. Sugati, Sarah A. Al-Sheikh, Amani Sh. Al-Sulami
Vol 2022 (2022) Stability and bifurcation analysis of a contaminated sir model with saturated type incidence rate and Holling type-III treatment function Abstract   PDF
Naina Arya, Sumit Kaur Bhatia, Amrita Kumar
Vol 2022 (2022) Stability and bifurcation of a prey-predator system incorporating fear and refuge Abstract   PDF
Hiba Abdullah Ibrahim, Dahlia Khaled Bahlool, Huda Abdul Satar, Raid Kamel Naji
Vol 2022 (2022) Stability and Hopf bifurcation analysis of a delayed eco-epidemiological model of IYSV disease dynamics in onion plants with nonlinear saturated incidence and logistic growth Abstract   PDF
Patiene Chouop Kawe, Okelo Jeconiah Abonyo, David Malonza, Elijah Miinda Ateka
Vol 2015 (2015) Stability and hopf bifurcation analysis of an epidemiological model incorporating delay and media coverage Abstract   PDF
X. J. Wang, C. Q. Xu, Y. X. Pan
Vol 2023 (2023) Stability and Hopf bifurcation of an epidemiological model with effect of delay the awareness programs and vaccination: analysis and simulation Abstract   PDF
Rasha M. Yaseen, Ahmed A. Mohsen, Hassan F. Al-Husseiny, Khalid Hattaf
Vol 2023 (2023) Stability, bifurcation, and chaos control of predator-prey system with additive Allee effect Abstract   PDF
R. Ahmed, S. Akhtar, U. Farooq, S. Ali
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