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Xavier Udo-utun
Orbital completeness and fixed points of (δ, k)−weak contractions
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2019), 206-213

Charles E. Chidume, Chinedu G. Ezea, Emmanuel E. Otubo
A new algorithm for variational inequality problems with alpha-inverse strongly monotone maps and common fixed points for a countable family of relatively weak nonexpansive maps, with applications
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2019), 214-238

Stephen Ehidiamhen Uwamusi
Mapping nearly continuous function by Newton-like operators in Baire's space
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2019), 239-252

Xavier Udo-utun
Fixed points of multivalued almost contractions in metric spaces with w-distance
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2019), 253-259

Mohammad Asaduzzaman, Md. Zulfikar Ali
Fixed point theorem based solvability of fourth order nonlinear differential equation with four-point boundary value conditions
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2019), 260-272

Advances in Fixed Point Theory

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