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Ning Cui, Xiaochun Zhong, Junhong Li
Bifurcation and chaos of an SIS model with logistic term
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2019), 99-110

Kaleem Raza Kazmi, Mohd Furkan, Rehan Ali
Simultaneous extragradient iterative method to a split equality variational inequality problem and a multiple-sets split equality fixed point problem for multi-valued demicontractive mappings
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2019), 111-134

Yongjie Piao
Unique common fixed points for four non-continuous mappings satisfying Ψ-implicit contractive condition on non-complete multiplicative metric spaces
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2019), 135-145

Sartaj Ali, Mujahid Abas, Safeer Hussain Khan
Best proximity point theorems for Fρ-proximal contraction in modular function spaces
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2019), 146-164

X. Yang, Q. Yuan
Some common coupled fixed point theorems for generalized contraction mappings in C∗ algebras-valued b-metric spaces
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2019), 165-177

E.E. Chima, M.O. Osilike, S.E. Odibo, R.Z. Nwoha, P.U. Nwokoro, D.F. Agbebaku
Strong convergence theorems for asymptotically k-strictly pseudocontractive maps
Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 9 (2019), 178-205

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