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Vol 2015 (2015) Extinction of a delay differential equation model of plankton allelopathy Abstract   PDF
Lin Li, Runxin Wu
Vol 2015 (2015) Extinction of a reaction-diffusion model of plankton allelopathy with nonlocal delays Abstract   PDF
Runxin Wu, Lin Li
Vol 2020 (2020) Feature importance of the aortic anatomy on endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) using Boruta and Bayesian MCMC Abstract   PDF
Rezzy Eko Caraka, Nyityasmono Tri Nugroho, Shao-Kuo Tai, Rung-Ching Chen, Toni Toharudin, Bens Pardamean
Vol 2021 (2021) Fingerprint identification with memetic algorithm and high-performance computing memetic algorithm (HPCMA) Abstract   PDF
Priati Assiroj, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars, Edi Abdurachman, Achmad Imam Kistijantoro, Antoine Doucet
Vol 2019 (2019) Finite element model to study potassium dynamics in the rhizosphere of a wheat root due to presence of bio-physical source Abstract   PDF
Ratnamala Badge, Neeru Adlakha
Vol 2018 (2018) Finite volume simulation of two dimensional calcium dynamics in a hepatocyte cell involving buffers and fluxes Abstract   PDF
Yogita Jagtap, Neeru Adlakha
Vol 2020 (2020) Firth bias correction for estimating variance components of logistics linear mixed model using penalized quasi likelihood method Abstract   PDF
Restu Arisanti, I. Made Sumertajaya, Khairil Anwar Notodiputro, Indahwati -
Vol 2022 (2022) Forecasting confirmed and recovered COVID-19 cases and deaths in Egypt after the genetic mutation of the virus: ARIMA Box-Jenkins approach Abstract   PDF
Mohamed R. Abonazel, Nesma M. Darwish
Vol 2021 (2021) Forecasting of COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria using real statistical data Abstract   PDF
Adesoye Idowu Abioye, Mfon David Umoh, Olumuyiwa James Peter, Helen Olaronke Edogbanya, Festus Abiodun Oguntolu, Oshinubi Kayode, Sylvanus Amadiegwu
Vol 2015 (2015) Four positive almost periodic solutions to an impulsive non-autonomous Lotka-Volterra predator-prey system with harvesting terms Abstract   PDF
Chunhua Zhang, Yuying Zhang, Xiaoxing Chen
Vol 2017 (2017) Fourier spectral method for numerical simulation of an extended fractional Rosenzweig-MacArthur system with delay Abstract   PDF
Kolade M. Owolabi, Ayodeji A. Adejola
Vol 2022 (2022) Fractal-fractional SIRS epidemic model with temporary immunity using Atangana-Baleanu derivative Abstract   PDF
Eric Okyere, Baba Seidu, Kwara Nantomah, Joshua Kiddy K. Asamoah
Vol 2022 (2022) Fractional dynamics of coronavirus with comorbidity via Caputo-Fabrizio derivative Abstract   PDF
E. Bonyah, M. Juga, Fatmawati -
Vol 2020 (2020) Fractional-order dynamics of Rift Valley fever in ruminant host with vaccination Abstract   PDF
Asif Jan, Rashid Jan, Hassan Khan, M. S. Zobaer, Rasool Shah
Vol 2017 (2017) Global analysis for a two-strain avian influenza model with distributed delay and environmental transmission Abstract   PDF
Yan-Xia Dang, Juan Wang, Maia Martcheva, Xue-Zhi Li
Vol 2014 (2014) Global analysis of an SEIRS epidemic model with new modulated saturated incidence Abstract   PDF
Ankit Agrawal
Vol 2015 (2015) Global attractivity of a single species stage-structured model with feedback control and infinite delay Abstract   PDF
Rongyu Han, Liya Yang, Yalong Xue
Vol 2017 (2017) Global dynamics in a chemostat with multiple resources and toxin Abstract   PDF
Yongzhen Pei, Qiaoqiao Zhao, Changguo Li
Vol 2015 (2015) Global dynamics of an eco-epidemiological model with Beddington-Deangelis functional response Abstract   PDF
Xiaohong Tian, Rui Xu, Zhili Wang
Vol 2016 (2016) Global dynamics of an HBV model with spatial diffusion and antibody response Abstract   PDF
Shihua Zhang, Rui Xu
Vol 2020 (2020) Global dynamics of HIV infection with two disease transmission routes - a mathematical model Abstract   PDF
Xianbing Cao, Amit Kumar Roy, Fahad Al Basir, Priti Kumar Roy
Vol 2015 (2015) Global stability analysis of a nonautonomous stage structured two prey-one predator system with interspecific competition and maturation delay Abstract   PDF
Chao Liu, Qingling Zhang, Xiaomin Wang
Vol 2018 (2018) Global stability and Hopf bifurcation of a delayed epidemiological model with logistic growth and disease relapse Abstract   PDF
Yuguang Mu, Rui Xu
Vol 2015 (2015) Global stability of a commensal symbiosis model with feedback controls Abstract   PDF
Rongyu Han, Fengde Chen
Vol 2020 (2020) Global stability of a discrete SIR epidemic model with saturated incidence rate and death induced by the disease Abstract   PDF
Isnani Darti, Agus Suryanto, Moh. Hartono
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