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Vol 2020 (2020) Efficacy of pulse vaccination over constant vaccination in COVID-19: a dynamical analysis Abstract   PDF
Mamta Barik, Sudipa Chauhan, Sumit Kaur Bhatia
Vol 2021 (2021) Efficiency proportion estimations for Thai people infected coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) in Thailand by Jackknifing method and bootstrapping method Abstract   PDF
Thammarat Panityakul, Ronnason Chinram, Wandee Wanishsakpong
Vol 2014 (2014) Effort dynamics of tilapia – Nile perch fishery model in polluted environment of Tanzanian waters of Lake Victoria Abstract   PDF
Maranya M. Mayengo, Livingstone S. Luboobi, Dmitry Kuznetsov
Vol 2020 (2020) Elevation as a proxy for dengue disease transmission in Indonesia Abstract   PDF
I. Gede Nyoman Mindra Jaya, Yudhie Andriyana, Bertho Tantular
Vol 2020 (2020) Emergence of colony-level quorum sensing due to expansion based on simple dynamics Abstract   PDF
Cicik Alfiniyah
Vol 2023 (2023) Enhanced hypertension classifier based on photoplethysmogram signal using statistical analysis and extreme learning machine method Abstract   PDF
Riries Rulaningtyas, Aldaffan Sheva Ghifari Wydiandhika, Osmalina Nur Rahma, Khusnul Ain, Amilia Aminudin, Katherine -, Nathania Gisela Putri, Sayyidul Istighfar Ittaqillah, Kalaivani Chellappan
Vol 2020 (2020) Epidemiological models in high school mathematics education Abstract   PDF
Jamal Harraq, Khalid Hattaf, Naceur Achtaich
Vol 2020 (2020) Estimating mean arterial pressure affected by stress scores using spline nonparametric regression model approach Abstract   PDF
Nur Chamidah, Budi Lestari, Ardion Massaid, Toha Saifudin
Vol 2022 (2022) Estimating the spatial distribution of possible livestock production level using a mathematical model and the SMAP soil moisture data: The case of Botswana Abstract   PDF
Amsalework Ayele Ejigu, Manalebish Debalike Asfaw, Semu Mitiku Kassa
Vol 2021 (2021) Estimation of nonparametric ordinal logistic regression model using local maximum likelihood estimation Abstract   PDF
Marisa Rifada, Nur Chamidah, Vita Ratnasari, Purhadi -
Vol 2023 (2023) Evaluating recurrent neural networks and long short-term memory for air pollution forecasting: mitigating the impact of volatile environmental factors Abstract   PDF
Fatkhurokhman Fauzi, Rochdi Wasono, Iqbal Kharisudin
Vol 2015 (2015) Evaluating the effects of pre-exposure prophylaxis on the outcomes of patients who failed HIV prevention Abstract   PDF
Qiang Li, Furong Lu, Aijun Fan, Kaifa Wang
Vol 2021 (2021) Evaluation of convolutional neural network variants for diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy Abstract   PDF
Alhadi Bustamam, Devvi Sarwinda, Radifa H. Paradisa, Andi Arus Victor, Anggun Rama Yudantha, Titin Siswantining
Vol 2023 (2023) Evaluation of crowd counting models in term of prediction performance and computational requirement Abstract   PDF
Hendri Santosa, Ignatius Hansen, Gede Putra Kusuma
Vol 2022 (2022) Evaluation of strategies of pesticide use and biological control through linear feedback control for controlling rapidly growing pest population Abstract   PDF
Pankaj Gulati, Sudipa Chauhan, Anuj Mubayi
Vol 2022 (2022) Evaluation quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) using ensemble learning methods on acetylcholinesterase inhibitors for Alzheimer's disease Abstract   PDF
Alhadi Bustamam, Mushliha -, Arry Yanuar, Prasnurzaki Anki, Adawiyah Ulfa
Vol 2016 (2016) Exact null controllability of semi-linear stochastic differential systems with nonlocal condition Abstract   PDF
Meili Li, Xiang Li
Vol 2022 (2022) Examining factors affecting delayed completion of adjuvant chemo for patients with breast cancer: Development of ridge logistic panel estimators Abstract   PDF
Amera M. El-Masry, Ahmed H. Youssef, Mohamed R. Abonazel
Vol 2023 (2023) Examining regional factors on malnutrition rate in Indonesia using spatial autoregressive approach Abstract   PDF
Ferra Yanuar, Tasya Abrari, Aidinil Zetra, Izzati Rahmi Hg, Dodi Devianto, Syarifatul Ahda
Vol 2013 (2013) Existence and Stability of Solutions for a diffusive Predator-Prey Model with Predator Cannibalism Abstract   PDF
Yujuan Jiao
Vol 2022 (2022) Existence and uniqueness results of solutions for Hattaf-type fractional differential equations with application to epidemiology Abstract   PDF
Hamza El Mamouni, Majda El Younoussi, Zakaria Hajhouji, Khalid Hattaf, Noura Yousfi
Vol 2015 (2015) Existence of multiple positive almost periodic solutions to an impulsive non-autonomous Lotka-Volterra predator-prey system with harvesting terms Abstract   PDF
Chunhua Zhang, Yuying Zhang, Xiaoxing Chen
Vol 2017 (2017) Exponential synchronization of Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with stochastic perturbation and reaction-diffusion terms via periodically intermittent control Abstract   PDF
Lili Wang, Rui Xu
Vol 2021 (2021) Extended optimal feedback control of information dissemination in online environments Abstract   PDF
Rachik Zineb, Bidah Sara, Boutayeb Hamza, Zakary Omar, Rachik Mostafa
Vol 2019 (2019) Extinction and persistence of a stochastic SIS epidemic model with vertical transmission, specific functional response and Levy jumps Abstract   PDF
Mouhcine Naim, Fouad Lahmidi, Abdelwahed Namir
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